A Visit from a Friend!

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of a visit from a good friend of ours, Seth Abrams. Seth’s been through a lot, to say the least. Please watch the video (link below) and be inspired by his drive and determination. Kaves was only too happy to lay a celebratory tattoo into Seth’s skin to help him move forward and progress with all that’s in front of him. BIG UP Seth!
Seth Abrams Visits BROOKLYN MADE TATTOO 2/19/13

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Yup – not only is Brooklyn Made Tattoo Brooklyn, NY’s finest shop, we’re f’n funny and plan on keeping you up-to-speed on all the goings on here at the shop. You’ve tried the rest – now try the BEST! BROOKLYN MADE TATTOO 312 93rd St. in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Call us at 718 745-3200 or drop by to set up an appointment with Kaves, or one of our other fine tattooers.caddy

Skin Graf: Masters of Graffiti Tattoo


By Michael “Kaves” McLeer and Billy Burke
With photographs by Estevan Oriol and Angela Boatwright

This groundbreaking book gets up close and personal to show how two urban styles have melded together.

Graffiti and tattoos are now firmly entrenched as mainstream art forms. Over the past few decades, these raw products of street culture have converged into a unique visual aesthetic addressed definitively for the first time in this compelling and inspirational book. Famed graffiti tattoo artist Kaves and tattoo documentarian Billy Burke introduce, one by one, the masters of graffiti tattoo art, their personal stories, and their diverse handiwork. Each chapter contains an introductory profile, an in-depth personal statement, and fascinating photos of studios and clients. Readers will learn about the “skin graffiti” process, view brilliant “flash” drawings (design sketches for patrons to choose from), and come away with a new understanding of and appreciation for an art form that transforms the human body into the ultimate canvas for self-expression.

 About the Authors:

Michael “Kaves” McLeer is a renowned graffiti artist and musician turned tattooist. Having left his mark, literally, on the New York City transit system from the age of 10, Kaves turned his attention to “legal” art in the form of tattoos, graphic design, and acting. He has created original work for Nike, Adidas, and Jaguar, the Beastie Boys and Metallica, and the 2011 Beaujolais Nouveau wine label for Georges Duboeuf. He owns and operates Brooklyn Made Tattoo in his hometown of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Billy Burke is a producer/director whose six-episode series Marked (a collaboration with tattooist Mario Barth) premiered on the History Channel in 2009. Barth and Burke’s 2008 film Under the Skin won numerous awards, including Best Documentary Director from the Los Angeles Film Festival and Best Documentary from the New York Independent Film Festival.

The Merciless Book of Metal Lists


THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS written by BROOKLYN MADE TATTOO’s Howie Abrams hits Bookstores on April 9, 2013!

THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS, written by NYC music scene veterans Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins, is set to be released on April 9, 2013. Touted as being “the most opinionated compendium ever written concerning Heavy Metal”, THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS is comprised of 208 jam-packed pages representing all that is glorious across the world of Heavy Metal.

Presented in the form of dozens of factual, random and often outrageous lists, this book flies the flag for true metalheads, as well as the curious observer. Where others have ventured to simply focus on who is best, THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS dares to call many out for being the worst. It points out the triumphs, as well as the miserable failures concerning metal, and recklessly opines on each and every aspect of it, from a diehard fan’s point-of-view.

The requisite collections of the mightiest guitarists, drummers, vocalists etc. are in there, however, TMBML leaves no stone unturned, often blurring the lines separating fact and hilarity. You want to know about album covers that feature goats on them? What Motorhead icon Lemmy’s warts might tell you if they could speak? The achievements Iron Maiden would never have reached had their original vocalist Paul Dianno remained in the band? Well then, this book is for you.

The foreword for THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS comes from one of the most respected names in the genre, Slayer guitarist extraordinaire Kerry King, with a candid and passionate afterword from Pantera/Down frontman Philip Anselmo. There are numerous other contributions from band members the likes of Scott Ian (Anthrax), Gary Holt (Exodus), Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly), Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth), Katon W.DePena (Hirax) and many others. Additionally, several lists have been contributed by industry luminaries such as Jon & Marsha Zazula; the very people responsible for first bringing groups like MetallicaAnthrax and Testamant to the world at large, Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel, radio personality Eddie Trunk, former Roadrunner Records (current Nuclear Blast) A&R guru Monte Conner and more. Hell, even rapper MC Serch is featured talking about his days weeding through Slayer’s fan mail while working at Def Jam.

There is no music community on earth quite like that of Heavy Metal, and THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS is its bible. Metal fans thrive on debating each and every  detail about the music and it’s performers, from recording production, to album cover art, to band members’ appearance – no stone is left unturned…EVER. TMBML is designed for the lot, who enthusiastically engage in and thrive on such arguments.

To pre-order THE MERCILESS BOOK OF METAL LISTS, please visit Amazon.com. You can learn more about the book at the official Facebook page or Abrams Books.